Bed and Breakfast Holiday slide show

It may seem like we are rushing things, but this week our holiday slide show went up live as we are preparing for the upcoming gift giving season. As always, we are featuring a fantastic gift card purchase discount not to be missed.

Election Day–Get out and Vote!

Today is an extremely important date in history, especially since all of the polls are telling us what a close presidential election this is in 2012. A lot is at stake so get out and make your voice heard today. This is our duty and right as Americans.

Comfort Food time of year

The cooler weather of recent days has made us think of comfort foods and cooking at home with the family. This is a perfect time of year to re-connect with your family and get cooking in the kitchen.

Baked Apples are always a breakfast treat

One of the many items we like to bake for breakfast here at the Inn is our Michigan baked apples. So simple and yet so yummy, baked apples are always one of our bed and breakfast guest favorites.

Slower Michigan Fall season for romantic getaways

The first half of the Fall season in Southwest Michigan always seems a bit more on the rush and run part. We actually enjoy this later part of Fall as not only is much of the lakefront still beautiful (trees near Lake Michigan always take longer to shed their leaves), it is also much more slower paced and easier to get around.

Halloween in Saugatuck, South Haven, Fennville

As many of our guests know, we have connections with folks in Saugatuck, South Haven and of course Fennville. So when it comes to Halloween, we get kids (and kids at heart) from all over for the Halloween evening trick or treating event. Tonight will be no different I’m sure.

Romantic Getaway includes Hot Air Balloon Ride

It’s always interesting to hear at breakfast time what our guests have been up to and exploring while in the Saugatuck area. This weekend our guests all selected different things to do during the day and night, but yet they all had a fantastic and romantic weekend getaway. One of the couples started their day with a hot air balloon ride that we helped them to organize, hiked up Mount Baldhead in Saugatuck, and then on to Halloween weekend events.

Saugatuck Fall Special Romantic Getaway

It’s not too late to come to Saugatuck, Fennville and the Southwest region of Michigan to experience this wonderful time of year. While many of the leaves are already falling, there still is a lot of colorful scenery, full pumpkin patches, farmer’s markets, haunted corn mazes and more. So make your plans to come for a visit today.

rollin’ down the river

Running Rivers is company out of Douglas that provides Kayaks, canoes and peddle boats for you to explore the Kalamazoo river. You can go for an hour or three! What a great way to spend a lazy afternoon with the one you love. To find out more you can email them at

Things are hoppin’ around here

On the side of the Inn there are three little ponds that all run into each other. It is always fun to walk over the to admire the flowers and watch all the frogs jump into the water. Now we are hearing more “jumps” and splashes then ever!! There are now at least 20 baby frogs. These cute little things love to have you watch them and talk to them.
Now I am not really a frog lover but these babies have caught my heart.