Saugatuck Summer Special

Today begins the first date of our six-month Saugatuck Special Savings offer. From May 1 to October 31, the guests of our bed and breakfast can save up to 25% discount on rooms and suites while staying with us midweek.

Tip-Toe Tulip Time

This coming week is the Tulip Festival in Holland. Many of our guest have had the good luck to see their splender these past weeks because of the warm weather in March. But there are still many tulips to see, plus there is so many other “Dutch” things to do during Tulip Festival…..don’t miss it!

April showers bring May flowers

The Inn’s garden is shaping up to be one of the most amazing ever!
We have moved plants and flowers around, put up new lights, and getting ready to add the fountains. This summer you will want to see just how special it looks!


They say that love is ageless and I think we all agree with that. One thing I think is interesting is that at the Inn couples seem to be ageless with each other also. I can hear laughing and sharing of stories from our guest no matter what their age. At the Inn young and old are all part of this special group…….”people in love”.

When you wish upon a …….

fountain. Here at the Inn we have two (fake) love birds sitting in our fountain. We have noticed more and more couples throwing pennys into the fountain. I bet they are wishing this love they have lasts forever!

Cleaning up after the “yes!”

As I was cleaning the Jonathon yesterday I couldn’t help but think about how special this room will always be a one of our guests. The man had proposed to the woman in the room the night before and of course she said YES! The glow on her face when she told me the next morning made me cry. I will always remember the Jonathon with this fond memory. I bet she will too!!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbor hood.

Today Mr. Roger’s would have been 83 years old.
I still remember my kids watching his shows and singing his songs.
It has been a beautiful week here at the Inn.
And when you stay here it is like we are neighbors!

Drinking and swinging in the spring

Nothing says spring like the porch swing being out.
I see couples out there drinking coffee in the morning
cold soda at noon, refreshing iced tea in the afternoon, a glass of wine before dinner and then hot chocolate in the evening. What fun!

chatting like the birds!

The group of guests this weekend were chatting with each other more then the birds I heard out the window this morning. If I didn’t know better I would have said everyone already knew each other for years! What a lively house! So much fun!


It had been a few weeks since Scott and I had gone down to the Fennville Station. On Wednesday nights they have music in the bar. There were a lot of people in this quant little place but everyone yelled “come on in” and everyone moved over for us. This doesn’t just happen when we walk in but when anyone walks in. It’s just like the song “everybody knows your name (or will shortly) and they’re always glad you came”
Fennville station gives you the greatest feeling when you are there……and I haven’t even said anything about the amazing food yet!