Bed and Breakfast .com review just posted

The following review was just posted today by recent guests of our Saugatuck Michigan area bed and breakfast:  Repeat Guests for a reason–outstanding B&B.  We have stayed at the Kingsley House in the fall and winter months for our anniversary and birthdays, so we decided it was time to see it in the summer months. What amazed us this time was the number of repeat guests they had at the Inn, but then that speaks for itself. We were one of six couples at the Inn on a couple of recent weekdays and five of the six were repeat guests (including ourselves). That says a lot for the way these guys run the B&B. A few more things we noticed this time around….the breakfasts are always amazing and always different, the landscaping and gardens are gorgeous, and we have now loved every one of the four rooms/suites we have tried. Can’t wait to go back again! We love it here!