Michigan Blueberries a great treat year-round

I was just reminded of a trick I often times share with the bed and breakfast guests.  During the peak of blueberry season, come to the Saugatuck area to pick your own fresh Michigan blueberries and freeze them for a great winter time treat or for recipes year-round.  We buy produce from our local Michigan farmers whenever we can, such as the blueberries we buy each year.  Just spread them thinly on a cookie sheet (don’t rinse them) and let them freeze until they are like marbles.  Then bag them (we use our freshlock machine to vacuum pack them) without letting them thaw and return them to the freezer until you want to enjoy the great taste of Michigan blueberries any time of the year.  Just because blueberry season only lasts about two months of the year, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these Michigan blues that are packed with anti-oxidants year-round.