Spring fever visit to Wavecrest Nursery on Lake Shore

Today is another beautiful sunny spring day here in West Michigan so we just had to pay a visit to one of our favorite nurseries.  Almost directly west of the bed and breakfast, just south of Saugatuck and near Lake Michigan is Wavecrest Nursery.  The bed and breakfast property has always had a crabapple tree that sheds way too much fruit on the driveway and walkways for us to keep up with so we need to move it and replace it with something else more seasonal.  A fantastic nursery that features unique and one-of-a-kind trees, shrubs and flowers, Wavecrest has lots of interesting ideas and are always extremely helpful as well.  In the end, we decided that a red bud tree will provide spring flowers, summer greenery and fall golden leaves.  We also have a fern conifer pine and a varigated holly coming for great winter color in this area of our Inn’s driveway as well.