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The Earth is Waking Up in Saugatuck

As I walked the grounds at the Kingsley House yesterday I spotted something move out of the corner of my eye. Upon closer examination I spied three frogs soaking in the rays in our garden pond. You know it’s truly Spring when you see these green critters lounging about. Take a look at this shot [...]

Michigan Spring is finally? here?

The forecast for Saugtuack Michigan and the surrounding area is finally showing 70′s for the first time in FIVE months. We are all so excited that Spring and Summer are on the way!

April Fools Day in Saugatuck Michigan

April Fools day is one of our favorite days of the year as it signifies so much in the Saugatuck Michigan area. Spring, Summer and Fall seasons are all now ahead of us when we get to see so many of our friends returning to the Inn.

Saugatuck Douglas Townships becoming one?

Anyone who has been to our fantastic lakefront cities of Saugatuck and Douglas may know that even though they are two disctinct cities connected only by a bridge, they are in fact two separate cities in government as well. This year there has been a major push to combine the two cities in to one. [...]

Saugatuck Arts Center

Quite often we receive notices of what is going on in downtown Saugatuck’s Art Center. It is a great venue to check out while in Saugatuck and there is always a show, classes, presentations and more.

Chirstmas is in the air – Gift Card season begins

Although we still haven’t seen our typical snowfall for this time of year in the Saugatuck Michigan area, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go…to coin a phrase. A good time of year to get your Kingsley House B&B gift card order in soon.

Saugatuck Christmas Parade

In case you missed it, Saugatuck Christmas parade was this afternoon and lots of fun and festive characters were all a part of it, including the Scrooge, the Grinch, Cindy Lou Who and all of the cast of Whoville. And of course a few santas as well.

Saugatuck and Lake Michigan Unseasonably warm weather

Our forecast for the next few days here hardly seem like the first few days of December in the Saugatuck Michigan area. With temperatures pushing 60 degrees, it really seems a bit more like a hopeful weather forecast for the beginning of April.

Saugatuck, Fennville experiencing unseasonably warm weather

It isn’t very often that we get “mid to upper 60′s” as a forecast in West Michigan and the Saugatuck, Fennville areas in mid November but that is exactly what our forecast is for a couple of days here. We definitely will enjoy it while it lasts as it may be quite some time before [...]

Slower Michigan Fall season for romantic getaways

The first half of the Fall season in Southwest Michigan always seems a bit more on the rush and run part. We actually enjoy this later part of Fall as not only is much of the lakefront still beautiful (trees near Lake Michigan always take longer to shed their leaves), it is also much more [...]


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