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Snow is on it’s way to West Michigan…

For anyone who believes that snow and Christmas go hand in hand, and are dreawming of a “White Christmas”, the forecast for much of the Midwest and the Saugatuck Michigan area is looking like you may just have your wish. Snow appears to be coming our way now within the next 48 hours, just in [...]

Michigan Winter Wonderland?

Mother nature is not always predictable in Southwest Michigan and so far this December that seems to be holding more true than ever. With just ten days left until Christmas, you would expect that holiday shoppers would be out in the winter backdrop of snowy fields while out shopping for those special gifts for loved [...]

Sun Shiny holiday shopping day in West Michigan

There is abundant sunshine today in West Michigan with mild temperatures…or at least for this time of year. From the looks of it, there appear to be a fair number of people who have decided to take advantage of this mild December weather and get out to do some more of their holiday shopping.

West Michigan Snow

It may have taken it’s time arriving this year, but the snow has slowly but surely worked it’s way back into our forecast here in West Michigan. Although it really was a dusting in places yesterday, it was enough to cause havoc on some roadways. Of course, we all want a bit more on the [...]

Saugatuck and Lake Michigan Unseasonably warm weather

Our forecast for the next few days here hardly seem like the first few days of December in the Saugatuck Michigan area. With temperatures pushing 60 degrees, it really seems a bit more like a hopeful weather forecast for the beginning of April.

Romantic Sleigh rides through the snow??

This time of year, romantic couples start looking for a romantic wintery sleigh ride through the snow as an option for viewing Michigan in wintertime. Although it certainly sounds wonderful, this year mother nature apparently has other plans as the forecast continues to vary each day, but snow just does not seem to be something [...]

Black Friday in West Michigan

Today of course is Black Friday, the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season in West Michigan and all accross the country. All indications on the noon news point to another record holiday shopping season which is always good for our economy. But of course we hope our guests remember to buy gift cards online [...]

More gift card options just added

In talking with a recent customer who was ordering a gift card for the bed and breakfast as a Christmas gift, I realized that a number of our fans believe we should have more online gift card options. So just earlier this week, I added a number of additional gift card denominations so that customers [...]

Saugatuck, Fennville experiencing unseasonably warm weather

It isn’t very often that we get “mid to upper 60′s” as a forecast in West Michigan and the Saugatuck, Fennville areas in mid November but that is exactly what our forecast is for a couple of days here. We definitely will enjoy it while it lasts as it may be quite some time before [...]

Election Day–Get out and Vote!

Today is an extremely important date in history, especially since all of the polls are telling us what a close presidential election this is in 2012. A lot is at stake so get out and make your voice heard today. This is our duty and right as Americans.


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