Banana chocolate chips loaves or muffins

An easy and delicious variation on banana nut loaves is to use semisweet chocolate chips instead of the nuts.  It’s an easy substitution with a couple of slight modifications.  Use the same of amount of chocolate chips (I prefer semisweet as a tasty contrast to the sweetness of the banana loaf) in the same amount as the nuts required in the recipe.  Try to use the mini chips if possible as they do not fall to the bottom of the batter as easily.  Also, pour about an inch of the batter in the pan or tins before adding chips to the remaining batter and then spooning the remainder on top.  This will prevent the chips from going to the bottom of your pan, where they will scorch.  Try it sometime, our guests love them this way!

Murder Mystery Weekends

A very fun Michigan weekend package  is our always-popular murder mystery weekends.  We pair it with a five-course dinner on selected Saturday evenings here at the Inn, from November through April.  Participating guests are assigned a character in advance and play out the role of their assigned character including costume.  It is an absolute riot to say the least as our guests always “get into character” and sometimes a little too much!  HA Hah!  This is one weekend package event everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Mrs. Kingsley’s small stature

Guests often times ask us about the history of our Bed and Breakfast Inn, which we are happy to share.  Harvey Kingsley was a very considerate fellow who took his wife’s small stature in mind when he built the house back in 1886.  The main stairway is a very good example of this as the rise of the stairs are shorter than a typical stair and the original oak wood banisters are shorter than typical banisters as well.  Obviously, the stairway is also beneficial to any of our current guests with physical restrictions as well.  Perhaps Harvey was even looking into a glass ball and forseeing the future of his home as a bed and breakfast one day as well.

Hot April fools day a sign of summer vacations around the corner….

It’s hard to believe that it is only April 1st here and 80+ degrees….a record here as the warmer April 1st on record ever.  Although we know we still haven’t seen the end of jackets (and maybe even gloves?), we do know that one thing is for certain–the summer time season is just around the corner!!!  It’s going to be a very warm few days here just prior to the Easter holiday season, but that’s okay as long as it cools down just in time for those nuts who dress up in the full Easter bunny outfits for the annual easter egg hunts!  🙂

First annuals of the season planted this weekend

It’s always a good sign when you feel comfortable enough with the weather to plant some annuals outside in West Michigan.  We couldn’t resist adding some more color to the landscaping, wrap-around porch and entryways.  We planted our first annuals of the year with some colorful pansies that are a bright and cheery addition to the bed and breakfast.  Next to the Easter decorations, already-blooming daffodils and budding tulips, it can only make one smile to see that spring really has arrived in the Saugatuck area and the southwest corner of Lake Michigan.

Complimentary Hot Beverages for our Inn’s guests

One of the many perks of being a guest of the Kingsley House bed and breakfast is having 24-hour access to the hot beverages machine.  Guests are encouraged to use it whenever they would live to enjoy a hot coffee (strong or mild, caffinated or decaf), teas (including a variety of herbal teas), cocoa or cider.  We do not believe in charging our guests extras for the many extra perks that we provide as we believe a guest should feel like they are at home once they walk through the front door of our Inn.

Happy Easter Holiday to all

A very Happy and Blessed Easter to everyone from us at the Kingsley House Bed and Breakfast Inn!  May the holiday renew everyone’s spirit and bring new life to our world’s.  It seems we so often times forget to remember the important things in our busy lives and it’s great to have holidays such as Easter to make us stop and reflect on what is truly important, close family and friends, good health and peace of mind.

Fantastic Special ending soon

Our very popular “Two-for-One” special will be ending April 30th (valid November 1st through April 30th) and we have already had lots of both returning and new guests who have taken advantage of this unique offer.  No one else that we know of have such a great offer.  To take advantage of the offer, guests just need to mention the “Two for One” which gives them two nights for the price of one in any suite or junior suite.  This can be reserved either on the phone or online from our website.  To reserve it online, guests can just add the special to their basket prior to checkout and/or indicate it under “Special Guest Needs” on the online form.

Gift Cards are thoughtful presents

Our gift cards can be in any denomination, for a set dollar amount (i.e., $400) or for a specific suite, room, package or any of the wonderful add-ons we offer at the Inn (ie., “Two night stay in the Northern Spy suite with Anniversary Packages and dinner at Salt of the Earth restaurant.”    They are valid up to five years from date of issue and are fully transferable.  Upon ordering, we immediately send them out along with two brochures so that they can be gifted within a couple of days from the date of order.  A very thoughtful and useful gift that your loved ones will very much appreciate.

Flowers bring new life/hope

Walking around the bed and breakfast property this morning it reminded me of the new hope and life that our spring time flowers bring as the Michigan earth thaws and comes back to life.  Crocuses have been blooming here for awhile now and the hyacinths appear to be ready to bring forth their first color as well.  Soon after the many daffodils, tulips and irises will begin to produce their early spring colors as well.  There is nothing quite like gazing into our flower’s spring colors to bring peace, tranquility, life and new hope back into one’s life.